Student Platinum Plus from Bank of America Card Review

Bank of America has a wide array of credit cards, and if you’re a college student, or someone who is building credit for the first time, this is a card that is one that you’re going to want to consider. Like most cards on the market that are catered toward those looking to build credit, you’re going to find that most of them give you rewards. While some won’t give you rewards, you’re going to want to look on the outside, when it comes down to the additional features.


The Bank of America card is great for those that have limited credit, and just need that credit for some sort of an emergency. This is a great way to build your credit history as you will find that a bank such as Bank of America will report to the major credit bureaus. It’s also a great card to consider if you’re looking for a great, competitive APR. While the APR isn’t the best in the industry in regards to other cards related to this, you will find that it’s probably in the middle.



As far as fees go, you will find that the card as little to no fees. This is a great card to consider if you’re looking to get a card that won’t charge you an annual fee. Most cards on the market don’t charge an annual fee. This is great, because with a card with an annual fee, you’re going to find that you’re going to pay a fee regardless of how often you use the card, which can turn many users off.



Besides the credit building, this card in particular will have total security protection, which will protect you from fraud and unauthorized use, it will also allow you to view your statements online, as well as pay your bill straight from your account. If you’re a Bank of America customer, you will find that you can consistently view your total, making it easy to pay your card on and off.



As long as you’re in college full, or part time, there’s a good chance that you’ll get approved as long as your credit is fairly new. This is a great card to consider if you want a competitive APR, as well as one with little to no fees.

Looking at the pros:

  • Great for full time, as well as part time university students.
  • The APR is fairly competitive.


Looking at the cons:

  • There are no rewards.



Credit Report Scores
Below is a chart of credit report scores. Credit report scores are important when it comes to applying for a credit card. To find out what your credit report score is, please click on the link below.
Great Credit
Good Credit
Fair Credit
Poor Credit
No Credit
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