How Companies Lure Students

How Companies Lure Students
by: Tom Tessin


Many of us in the past have been a college student or in fact, you’re a college student today. What student’s come to realize when they attend college is that a lot of product is thrown their way when they are attending college. Just because you’re going to college, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get away from the corporate world.


One of the biggest companies to lure students on campus is the credit card companies. They come with every trick in the book in order to bribe you so that they can sign you for a credit card. Why do they want you to sign up for a credit card so bad? It’s simple; they are hoping you spend as much as possible so that you can get charged with an outrageous finance charge. We are not saying credit cards are bad, we are just showing the downfalls of signing up for a credit card on the spot.


Here are the top 3 ways credit card companies try to lure college students on campus –


The freebies

Ah, the freebies. Who doesn’t love to get a free extra large t-shirt or a free burrito at the local taco hut? Students will do anything for a free item. Why is this you might ask? Well this again is a simple answer. It’s because most students are broke. The only things the representatives behind the booth care about are meeting a particular quota. They are going to tell you everything positive about a card hoping you sign up.


Kiosks everywhere

As you walk to your cafeteria or you walk to your library, you may see a little table set up that looks very innocent. As you walk by, you get approached by a very nice representative asking if you have a credit card. Regardless of what your answer is, he/she will continue to pitch their credit card until you hopefully sign up. These are probably the worst out of the top three simply because you can’t get a straight up answer from the rep.



Have you ever attended a sporting event? Do you ever realize how much company swag is everywhere? This is the same at a college campus. If a college is holding some sort of speech, etc, they may find a sponsor to sponsor the event. A lot of the times you will find that these companies are in fact, credit card companies. 


Even though this is pretty much an innocent tactic, a lot of people will start to become brainwashed with a particular company. When it’s time to finally apply for a credit card, a student may only be aware of one credit card. While this is great for the credit card company, it’s bad for the student since he/she hasn’t done any research.


As you read these top three ways of luring students to a credit card, you’re probably saying “who cares?”, a company has to market their product. This statement is completely fine and we do agree with it. The fact is that when you’re looking for a credit card, especially if you’re a student; make sure that you do your research before applying. Make sure that the credit card is for your needs and not for a free burrito.

Credit Report Scores
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