Simmons First Student Visa Platinum Review

The Simmons First Bank has a small line of credit cards, and within that credit card list, you’re going to find that they have a few options, including a student credit card. Ranked #1 by various credit based sites, you’re going to find that this card in particular is a great choice for those looking to apply for a card with a low interest rate.


Right off the bat, you’re going to find that this card in particular is by far the best in terms of interest rates (APR). Now, if you pay your card off in full, you will find that you never have to worry about these rates, but if you’re not able to pay the card off in full, you may want to highly consider this card.
Besides the lower interest rate, you’re going to get other features such as a major logo, where you can use it globally, travel insurance for those looking to protect themselves on trips, as well as a car rental loss/damage waiver.


This card is not only designed for the typical college student, but you’re going to find that this card in general is designed for students that love to travel, or have to travel on occasions. While the card itself doesn’t have that many rewards, you’re going to get fantastic reward features in return, as well as a lower APR.


When applying for the card, you’re going to have to be a full time college student, as well as over the age of 18. You will also have to legally reside in the United States. If you meet the above following criteria, then you may want to consider applying for this card!



Looking at the pros:

  • Great travel features / options
  • Low interest rate


Looking at the cons:

  • No rewards



Credit Report Scores
Below is a chart of credit report scores. Credit report scores are important when it comes to applying for a credit card. To find out what your credit report score is, please click on the link below.
Great Credit
Good Credit
Fair Credit
Poor Credit
No Credit
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