U.S. Bank Young Adult Visa Review

U.S. Bank, one of the larger banks in the United States has a fantastic selection of credit cards varying from those with bank credit all the way to those that are looking to build their credit for the first time, such as college students. If you’re a student looking to build his/her credit for the first time, you will want to highly consider this U.S. Bank Young Adult Visa card.


The U.S. Bank student credit card is designed for those that are looking to establish a good, as well as a solid credit rating. They also offer guides to ensure that you know how to manage your own finances. With a major logo such as Visa, you’re going to find that you’re going to be able to use the card at just about every merchant that is out there!


The APR for the card is going to vary depending on your application, as well as other factors. Be sure to refer to your card application to figure out what your fees are going to be, as well as the APR that you may have assigned to your account. This may not be determined until you get approved for the card itself. As for the interest rates, this card would more than likely fall into the middle.


As for fees, this card doesn’t have any annual fees, making it great for a college student. Besides the fees, the card is going to have many other features that include online bill pay, free online account access, zero liability, fraud protection, as well as worldwide acceptance. Not only that, you’re going to get 24/7 customer support.


As long as you have good credit, or even a co-signer, your chances of getting approved for this card is rather high.


Looking at the pros:

  • Great side rewards
  • Great for those looking to build credit


Looking at the cons:

  • No rewards
  • APR is a tad higher



Credit Report Scores
Below is a chart of credit report scores. Credit report scores are important when it comes to applying for a credit card. To find out what your credit report score is, please click on the link below.
Great Credit
Good Credit
Fair Credit
Poor Credit
No Credit
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